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Welcome to the webpage of the ThUNDDAR network.

The Network

We are a multi-disciplinary network of therapeutic ultrasound experts. Our aim is to promote clinical use of therapeutic ultrasound.

Overview of the network.
Funding Opportunities
Summarises past and present opportunities for funding.
ThUNDDAR Committee
The people who run the network.
Requested Articles
A list of articles that are required by members of the network.


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More news

Techniques and Challenges

Therapeutic Ultrasound
Provides an overview of therapeutic ultrasound.
Current Uses
Current clinically used therapeutic techniques.
Mechanisms of Action
How therapeutic ultrasound works.
Challenges Facing Adoption
Barriers to more wide spread adoption of therapeutic ultrasound.
Hardware currently used clinically and experimentally.
Techniques and skills for performing therapeutic ultrasound experiments.


HIFU Machines in UK
List of HIFU Machines in UK